SOKOBLUE - The next Sokoban Generation!

If you like Sokoban, the famous box pushing game from Japan? GAMES 4 BRAINS' latest release "SOKOBLUE" is considered being one of the most playable box-pushing games around.

To play our Sokoban variant SOKOBLUE online & gratis right now, click here: Play Sokoblue!

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The GAMES 4 BRAINS Team presents:

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What makes SOKOBLUE unique:
  1. SOKOBLUE plays immediately on most (about 99%) online devices (Computers, Smartphones, Tablets etc.)
  2. Your playing area will be enlarged to maximum size, which makes the game playable on both small and large devices.
  3. Select a unique Sokoban puzzle from one of our levelsets.
  4. Steer your pusher in a very comfortable way by hitting the box (pyramid) you want to move. You will be shown all places in reach. Now touch the destination field you like the box to be pushed to. The rest will happen automatically (as seen in older SOKOBLUE versions). Use key controls instead for pusher navigation if desired and possible.
  5. When finishing a level: Your moves- and pushes- records are saved separately. Your solution progress will be recorded. Use the SHOW mode to navigate through solutions. When a new moves- or pushes- record is done, your old performance data will be overwritten.
  6. Enjoy more than 500 exclusive Sokoban stages in the current version. If you want more levels, look for updates from time to time!
  7. Compare your current solution-records with our record tables! SOKOBLUE RECORDS

Or watch our SOKOBLUE video on YouTube instead:

SOKOFUN is still alive!

Sokofun Shareware!

"SOKOFUN pro" consists of 3 different Sokoban-style games:
  1. Sokoban classic
  2. Sokolor
  3. Sokonex
Enjoy more than 130 exclusive stages in the shareware version. Add up to 1900 unique and carefully designed levels by ordering the fullversion. For more information click here!

Sokoban - Level Of The Month

At this place we present new first-class Sokoban - problems. If you have a copy of SOKOFUN (Freeware) or SOKOFUN pro (Shareware) you can download and play the levels immediately!

GAMES 4 BRAINS owns the copyright of the Sokoban screens shown here, except otherwise indicated. You may not distribute them without a special permission of the authors!
Importing these levels into second-party-programs is illegal in most cases, for important level-data ( i. e. level-title, author-name, additional comments including hints ...) can be changed or left out.!
So be sure to use SOKOFUN (Freeware) or SOKOFUN pro (Shareware) to get the levelsets without losses!

sokoban-level of the month

Have fun solving this challenging SOKOBAN riddle!
Download monthly Sokoban-LEVELSET (1kb)
Unzip (!!!) the file to your SOKOFUN-directory!

Why not send an eMail, if you like the levels!

Test our favorite Sokoban versions online (Java applets)!
Since Java is not supported any longer, these applets do work on older computers only.

Show your skills with SOKOBLUE java mastering 50 easy and 50 hard levels! Add your name to the Top 10 list for each level!
Try out 50 levels of SOKOLOR!
Click on the graphics below!

play sokoblue + sokolor online!

is alive for more than 25 YEARS!.

Here is the full list of our official Sokoban-levelsets (100 exclusive stages each) since 1995:

SOKOWAHN (c)1995 - SOKOBLUE (c)1996 - SOKOPLAY (c)1997 - SOKOMAXX (c)1998 - SOKOTIME (c)1999 - SOKOIDEA (c)2000 - SOKOGOLD (c)2001 - SOKOCULT (c)2002 - SOKOLOVE (c)2003 - SOKOSTARS (c)2004 - SOKODREAM (c)2008

Sokoban - Beginner-Levels for free !

These 50 game screens were designed for those who get in touch with the Sokoban game idea for the first time. The stages are presented ordered by difficulty. If you are able to solve even the last screen #50, you are prepared to face the regular G4B levelsets!
download Beginner levelset SOKOSTART

More Sokoban levels for free download can be found here!

Update your SOKOFUN-graphics for free

Better than Sokoban? Play PUZZTRIX!

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